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Holistic Software Development is a free process framework visualised as a Big Picture for large/complex organizations. Some smaller organizations or isolated teams want to use concepts from HSD without navigating through the big picture which doesn't apply to them. The Small Picture is a cut down version of HSD without the Strategy, Governance or Portfolio and Programme elements.

Although the Strategy and Portfolio elements are not shown in this simple case there is no reason why Product development can't directly deliver strategic goals, with or without a portfolio management layer. If there is more than one product in development then there is a Portfolio but it may be managed implicitly until there are more than a handful of projects. Organization Structure significantly affects culture, ways of working and decision making.

For very simple projects the Product Forum and Scoping Requirements may not be necessary as the Product Customer is directly engaged with the Product Backlog and there are no conflicts with other stakeholders - this very simple configuration is essentially basic iterative/agile or continuous flow development.

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