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Holistic Software Development is a free business process framework supporting simple, complicated and complex organistions involved in software develpoment. Visualized as a number of maps (the small picture and big picture), HSD combines Lean Portfolio, Programme and Project Management practices with agility, complex software practices and soft practices into the H-Model, HSD provides a standard proven framework that can be used to run diverse software enterprises. 

HSD is about the business of doing software development, from strategy to architecture, team forming to business change. HSD achieves the scaling of lean and agile philosophy to the entire organisation..

HSD is not static, we are constantly adding new content - please follow us on twitter @HolisticSW to keep track of our updates. 

Too big? For smaller and simpler organizations we recommend the Small Picture of Holistic Software Development.

Read the Introduction, click on any part of the big picture below or have a look at the main "Views" from the the menu.

Big picture of enterprise agile software development

Cloud User Experience Release Planning go-see Organization Structure Workflow Metrics changes bugs Holistic-Software-Consulting.com Product Delivery View Milestones Milestones Milestones Milestones Continous Flow Teams Agile Iterative Teams Builds and Releases Builds and Releases Builds and Releases Builds and Releases Builds and Releases Builds and Releases Builds and Releases Builds and Releases Builds and Releases Milestones Milestones Milestones Milestones Milestones Product Family Product Delivery View What is a Project? Portfolio and Programme Management View Portfolio Selection Workflow Metrics Development Environments Continuous Integration Environments Test Environments Test Environments User Environments Executive Dashboard Adoption & Business Change Sprint/Iteration Plan Bubble Up Bubble Up Project Forum Business Customer Individual Mastery Team Forming Product Backlog Programme Backlog Non-Functional Requirements Non-Functional Requirements Lean Principles - Establish Pull Business Leader Change to the Small Picture Business Customer Customer Requests Portfolio Requests User Stories System Architecture Solution Architecture Enterprise Architecture Integration Streams Integration Streams Scoping Diagram Integration Scenarios Features Integration Streams Integration Streams Integration Streams Integration Streams Strategic Direction Product Delivery View Portfolio and Programme Management View Definition of Done View Operations View Metrics and Reporting View Requirements View People View Business Strategy Strategic Goals Governance Integration Streams Integration Streams

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